Monday, April 2, 2012



Window in Old Lviv

Ukraine is such an amazing place for photographers -- the sites, the people, the panoramas!  Truly beautiful.

I like photographing windows, doors, gates, and passages.  Every so often, I'm truly surprised at a good result -- wow!  The Carpathian Mountains -- Karpaty -- are really blue in the distance, as so many Ukrainian songs sing.

People are fascinating, too.  Ukrainian faces are really beautiful, whether young, old, or in-between.  Some faces look as if they stepped out of history, say, the 15-17th c.   If from a great distance, I don't ask, just shoot.  Closer, I do ask if I can photograph. 

And you can join me -- and bring your camera -- this September.

A window at the Pecherska Lavra (Monastery of the Caves) in Kyiv

A potter in Kosiv, at the folk artists' cooperative, where they make the Hutsul pottery.  We watch as they make pieces, from a glob of clay - to seeing the artists ornament the vessels -  to walking into the kiln (if it's not cooling down) - to buying as much as we can carry (the pieces are signed).  Remember, pottery is heavy, and fragile.

In Shevchenko Grove - Shevchenkivs'kyi Hai, in Lviv, an outdoor architectural museum of original buildings from across Western Ukraine, some from the 1600s +, brought to Lviv and restored.

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