Saturday, June 23, 2012


The special FYI issue today is on Ukrainians in Winnipeg and Manitoba.  I'm honoured that I was asked to contribute    (one correction, though:    in my article on surnames -- IBAHKO   was what I had, but it lower case - as was "corrected" is Ibahko...   whaaaa?! -- misses the point) 

You will have to search for "Ukrainians FYI" for individual articles.  Trying to find a specific link to the whole section.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


This was written in 1987, and published in The Ukrainian Weekly.

My father, Vasyl, died almost nine years ago. The day after my sister's
wedding, he suffered a severe heart attack, spent two months in a coma, and
died without regaining consciousness on November 1, 1978. For some reason,
Father's Day is the hardest day in the year for me, more painful than the day
of his death, or his birthday.

Tato lived a life similar to that of thousands of Ukrainian men of his
generation (born right before and during the First World War). He was born
and grew up in the Boyko region. His mother died when he was very young,
and the stereotypical evil stepmother came into his life. He finished the
schooling available under Polish rule to the children of the village (selo). The
family was strongly aware of its national and cultural ideals, and participated
in the organized life of the selo.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Wedding season is in full swing.  We attended one last week, and are going to another one today.  Gorgeous weather, sunny, lovely, God is good!

People in Manitoba look forward to being invited to a Ukrainian wedding because it is fun.  Much fun.  Also, full of tradition.  And, you don't get married in 15 minutes!  Takes a while.  But still fun.

Many years ago, I presented a paper on Ukrainian Manitoba weddings for the Manitoba Historical Society Conference at the University of Manitoba.  It was published in The Ukrainian Weekly in two parts here and here.

Please check the references at the end of part II for more info.