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The latest translation:  Віра Стецько. Таїна Пінзеля.   Київ  Майстер Книг, 2012.  Переклад - Орися Пащак Трач.   Vira Stets'ko.  Pinzel's Mystery.  Kyiv:  Maister Knyh, 2012.  Translation - Orysia Paszczak Tracz.

Ukraina ta Ukraintsi. Ukraine and Ukrainians. Album. Petro Honchar, Pavlo Sachek, Ihor Poshyvailo. Kyiv: Muzei Ivana Honchara; Oranta Publ., 2006- . Translator of English text. [vol. 1 -- Grand Prix at Lviv Book Fair, 2006] Three volumes published, sixteen to be published.

Cossack [Kozak] Mamai. Stanyslav Bushak. Kyiv: Rodovid, 2008. Translator. [Best Typography Award at Lviv Book Fair, 2008]

Painted Wood: Naive Art of the Ukrainian Village. Lidiia Orel. Kyiv: Rodovid, 2003. Translator. [First Prize at Lviv Book Fair, 2004]

Ukrainian Antiquities: Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttia Regions in Private Collections. Kyiv: Rodovid, 2002. Translator.

Ukrainian Folk Costume. Lydia Burachynsky [et al] Bi-lingual. Toronto-Philadelphia: World Federation of Ukrainian Women's Organizations, 1992. Translator.

Prairie Fire -- "Echoes from Ukrainian Canada." Special issue on Ukrainian Canadian literature, October 1992. Co-initiator of issue and member of guest editorial board. One non-fiction work and one review.

Spirit of Ukraine: 500 Years of Ukrainian Painting. Winnipeg: Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1991. Co-editor (one of four) and translator.

Carpathia Credit Union -- 50 Years of Service to the Community. Winnipeg: Carpathia Credit Union, 1990. Co-author with Dr. Halyna Muchin.

Writer of three anniversary brochures for the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Winnipeg: 1972, English text; 1979, Ukrainian text; 1982, Ukrainian and English text.

Over 400 published articles in numerous publications -- The Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press, Prairie Fire, University of Manitoba Alumni Journal, Prairie Garden, Canadian [Antiques] Collector, Forum: a Ukrainian Review, and -- columnist for The Ukrainian Weekly (Parsippany, New Jersey).


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