My latest project at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg: 
 [The first session, on medicinal plants, will be repeated on March 18, by popular demand]


Some of the subjects I have presented - in many North American cities and in Ukraine:

Why We Do What We Do: Origins and Symbolism of Ukrainian Traditions
Baba Was Right All Along: Ukrainian Folk Medicine

Songs Your Mother Should Never Have Taught You?
Erotic Symbolism in Ukrainian Folk Songs

Konopli - Hemp in Ukrainian Tradition and Life

Perogies on the Prairies: from Ukrainian Village to Mainstream Canada

Origins of Ukrainian Traditions

Ukrainian Wedding Traditions in Manitoba (and general)

Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Eggs and What They Mean

Ukrainian Christmas

Symbolism in Ukrainian Songs and in Folk Art

Free-for-all re Things Ukrainian

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rohit sharma said...

Thank you for writing such an honest and useful post. Could you please writeup something on Lviv National Medical University as i wish to study mbbs there and need some true reviews about it.