Wednesday, April 11, 2012


On his Anderson 360 show on CNN on Tuesday, April 10th, Anderson Cooper commented on the Polish holiday Dyngus (Easter Monday) and made it the butt of his Ridiculist.

He did apologize the next evening, and explained that it was himself that he was calling "stupid", for giggling again.  And he does appreciate all the groups in America with all their customs.  He was placing those who missed Dyngus Day on the Ridiculist, not Dyngus Day itself.  Yeah, sure, and I'm a Vanderbilt on my mother's side!

I'm not sure this is the real story.  I think he got a reaction from the Polish community.  They didn't appreciate being laughed at.  I wrote in (and I'm not Polish).  First of all, by having this item on the Ridiculist, he already made it a mockery.

Maybe the Poles in Buffalo didn't explain the origin of their traditions clearly enough for him.  If you take any culture, there are very old customs that look silly or strange to us, but we still carry them out because of tradition and respect for our heritage.  But these rituals should not be laughed at.  

Whatever Cooper's background (Dutch, Irish, and English, I think) -- there are many rituals and customs of each of these that would also lead him to place them on the Ridiculist, and to giggle about them -- disrespectfully.

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