Saturday, March 17, 2012

John Demjaniuk has passed away.  Vichna Yomu Pam'iat'. 

To some, he is a "Nazi war criminal."  To others, a victim of vengeance without evidence.  

Enough that he could not have been a "Nazi" because he was not an "Aryan" -- he was a subhuman, a Ukrainian, and they were considered Untermenschen by the Nazis.  Look into the shameful totally dishonest "investigations" of the US OSI (see review below) and how they captured "war criminals."

I find it beyond chutzpah that Germany would be the country prosecuting WWII war criminals!  Other than German, because they have been exempt from these laws?  Remember the Soviet trumped up evidence against Ukrainians, so thoroughly obvious.

Shame on all involved in these prosecutions.  During WWII, Ukraine fought both the Nazis and the Soviets, and had no one aiding them at all.  Ukrainians had the most human losses during the war.  During that time, there was not even a Ukr. government -- the Nazis considered Ukraine an economic colony -- everything from Ukraine was being removed west to Germany -- people, resources, even the black soil.

Hey, there are still people to catch -- I'm a child of forced labourers -- am I next?  What about the teenagers captured and taken to Germany to work?  See Marsha Skrypuch's book Making Bombs for Hitler

I should not be giving them ideas but, hey, there are still all those who were Displaced Persons in Germany and Austria after the war, the DPs who refused to go back to Uncle Joe Stalin's "paradise."  The Soviets were our allies, weren't they?  So the DPs and their kids and grandkids are next on the lists?   Same logic.

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