Thursday, March 22, 2012

For those of you thinking about traveling to Ukraine with me, here are some "testimonials" (she said modestly....).   I am so blessed that now I have friends all over the world!

From Anna in Australia (toured in 2006):

"…Greetings from our family.  It is now a year since we joined with your group to visit Ukraine.  It was a most memorable trip, we still have many stories to share. So thank you very much for the opportunity of being part of your tour group…. You are a great wealth of knowledge. This made your tour so different and enjoyable.  And, you have so much energy. "
From Norma in Vancouver (toured in 2007):  

"It was an amazing pilgrimage and one I will never forget. Thank you again for the wealth of information with which you provided us all."

From Nancy in Yellowknife (toured in 2007):

"…It was a super tour & you helped to make it that way.  You have such a knowledge of the country. "

From Roman in Winnipeg (2010)
“I have to let you know that our trip  with you was unforgettable.  You are a patient, understanding , and a marvellous guide.  My wife and I are most pleased that we went.  I'll never forget our venture into the Karpaty.  Priceless memories… “

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