Saturday, December 17, 2011

Looking for Rusalka people, past and present

I can't make this up, folks. In today's Books section of the Winnipeg Free Press (Dec. 17, 2011), Anita Daher, writer for the Paper Chase section, wrote the item below. Wow! She really dug deep and all around! Gulp.... Hoping to hear from Rusalka folks from all around. Already have a few replies.

A broadcaster once called her a "walking, talking Ukrainian encyclopedia," but for her next project, Winnipeg writer Orysia Tracz is seeking the public's help. In preparation for the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble's upcoming 50th anniversary, she is gathering personal stories and reflections for a commemorative book.
Rusalka was founded by Peter Hladun in 1962, and grew from a small troupe to a world-class ensemble, touring nationally and internationally, performing at festivals and for heads of state and royalty.
Tracz wants to hear from anyone with a memory or story, including current members, alumni, parents, fans, collaborating dance ensembles, and past and present board members. "What has being in Rusalka meant to you? What is your best memory?"
To contribute, email or mail Orysia Tracz, c/o Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, P.O. Box 3059, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 4E5.

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