Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Arts & Culture tour

Will be going to Ukraine again in 2012, and it would be great to have you join me. We have a most wonderful time. You can arrange a special itinerary for your group. We are happy to accommodate.

Have had one tour where it was a whole clan of family and friends, celebrating the centennial of the family's settlement in Canada. They went back to their ancestors' villages and had great reunions. It was a treat to accompany them.

Have also had extended families traveling together, as well as groups of friends. There have been folks from Australia, and from Japan, as well as from across all of North America. Now we are all friends, and I am blessed to have met them and traveled with them.

The number in the tour is limited, so folks need to sign up with Martha as soon as they can. Sign up here.



Pawlina said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Please keep us posted with full details. Maybe this year will be the year I can go with you. :-)

Orysia Tracz said...

Thank you. Details very quickly!