Sunday, August 18, 2013


Why do celebrities and wannabies think it's "cool" to pose in underwear or even less?  What will that get you?  Publicity?  Sure.  There you are, exposed to the world, forever on social media, with you boobs (often obviously fake) and your full behind luxuriating in full-colour for all the world to see.  The tabloids (and sometimes semi-news agencies) have headlines about this or that celebrity bimbo with her beach body or her wardrobe malfunction, or the baby bump (no one else has every gotten pregnant?) and the perfect post-baby-body a week later (yeah, sure!).  Or, horrors, a celebrity is a (gasp!) size 12 or 14  (quelle horreur!) -- a normal human body in the real world), or may display some cellulite.  

Then the celebrities who "forget" to wear their underwear.  My, just slipped my mind to put on some panties.   Or is that the thong (a really comfortable necessary functional piece of clothing....).  We're not even mentioning bras -- those don't matter nowadays.  Then you've got the side boob thing.

Even the teen celebrities have gotten sleazy.  That'll get you ahead in the world?  For some, I guess.   Onto the pages of the men's magazines.  But for how long, and for what purpose?  You don't have parents, relative, children?  No shame?  No self respect at all?  What will this type of fame get you?

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