Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It is so terrible, so very wrong, that bullying exists.  At least now there is discussion and action to curtail it, if not to stop itDo young kids learn this on their own?  Do they just follow others?  Or do they learn by example from adults?

There is another type of bullying out there -- in the media.  Switching channels, I came across two sad excuses for "entertainment" -- TMZ and The Fashion Police.  Sure, celebrities are in the news and need to be in the news.  It's a vicious circle -- you have to be out there to be current, but you hate to be pursued by the paparazzi and other "reporters."  But you need that photo or article -- but to what degree?  Where is the fine line?

So, the above-mentioned programs (and there may be others that, mercifully, I don't know about) do cover celebrities, but in a most cruel way.  

Fashion Police discusses and disses what celebrities wear.  Yes, many of the outfits are pathetic and wrong, but who are the people dissing them and how qualified are they to do so?  A young woman with lavender/gray hair with too many tattoos all over her body, a plastic-surgeon-stretched foul-mouthed woman who needs to turn the mirror on herself, and the rest of this entourage?  What do they look like?  And they're judging others, with such downright cruel vicious comments?  Watched this once, and wanted to take a shower.

Same with the childish and cruel TMZ -- this gaggle of arrested adolescents, permanently attached to their bottles and cups, not exactly very well groomed themselves, are dissing and mocking others?   If you can't say anything cruel, don't say anything at all?  If this isn't public bullying, I don't know what is.

Yes, some celebrities need to look in the mirror before buying an outfit, and not listen to the supposed stylist who has no taste him/herself, but that's their choice.  

The tabloid journalism in print, on TV, and online feeds on itself and on the cruelty it spouts in mocking and belittling and bullying others.   What a great job!  What a great example to others!   Do you feel good in what you have accomplished?

So today I see this item.  I cannot fathom Lady Gaga.  But there she is, also talking about bullying! 


Leanna said...

Ooh, Orysia...get out of my head!! I couldn't agree more.

And when I read yor comment, "...arrested adolescents, permanently attached to their bottles and cups...", I nearly fell off my chair. I made the bottles and cups comment myself, last week.
What is IN those bottles, anyway...

Pawlina said...

Well said, Orysia and I couldn't agree more either. Unfortunately it has become "cool" to be (and to be seen as) immature, vulgar, crude, insulting and judgmental, etc. Which is fine if this is chalked up to a generation of different values. However, when adherents of said values turn around and accuse others who are just as "cool" of being bullies, the hypocrisy is utterly breathtaking.