Monday, September 10, 2012


As I mentioned a while ago, will be off to Ukraine for a while.  I'm thrilled, expecially to be at the Lviv Publishers' Forum (site only in Ukr.), the Hutsul Festival, and in Kyiv -- speaking again at the Ivan Honchar Museum.

You can click on the English version of the site.   This is such a vibrant and elegant museum and cultural centre.  And the people there live and breathe their heritage. 

If I have a chance, will post from Ukraine.  If not, will have much much material to write about when I return.  So looking forward to being there!  

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful, place. As I understand it, you are in Lyviv. Odessa has a different flavor. That is why i was compelled and inspired to write a book and a blog. Feel free to check i out. Let me know if you find anything useful for yourself.