Friday, November 11, 2011

What took them so long? Those fashion/beauty ads

The Marc Jacobs perfume ad has been banned in the UK.

What took them so long, and why across the pond and not in North America? I have seen this Dakota Fanning ad -- with the perfume bottle between her upper thighs -- for a few months now in the fashion magazines. Very suggestive, totally unnecessary, and -- yes -- she is 17. The Marc Jacobs ads for fashion, not just perfume, have been a waste of his money for a long time. One page with his name, the facing page with a very disheveled Helen Bonham Carter, for example. What is this selling, what is this promoting? What does it say about Carter and her respect for herself? Then there is the ad of Jacobs himself, buff and naked, with a box of perfume covering his crotch. Is that the perfume you'd want to buy and wear, no matter what it smells like?

Jacobs isn't the only one that's sleazy. Many in the industry think this gets attention. Sure, it does. For what, though? One look at his fashion designs and you wonder. So many of these designers are ripe for someone checking behind the curtain, as well as shouting out that the emperor and empress have no clothes on. It's hype, it's sad, so often it's lack of talent and taste, no elegance, no style. But the hype keeps going. Who really buys and supports this stuff? People with more money than brains.

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