Monday, October 25, 2010

Prime Minister Harper's visit to Ukraine

The Prime Minister is visiting Ukraine. You can find information on various sites.

I am amused at the various comments in The Globe and Mail and on CBC and other sites re Harper speaking about human rights and democracy in Ukraine - while, in Canada........

The CBC rocket surgeon writer first had "10 million Ukrainian Jews" dying in the Holodomor -- that was quickly corrected.

From Canadian Press:

"He will also travel to one of the world’s most heartbreaking sites at Babyn Yar, where more than 33,000 Jews were gunned down by the Nazis in a matter of days. Up to 150,000 more, including tens of thousands of Roma, were also eventually buried in the ravine."

Writers reminded the various news media who the majority of the executed were --the local Ukrainian population!

Still a problem with "Kiev" and "the" Ukraine. You would think that since 1991 the media would learn?

The apologists and Soviet sympathizers (including, God help us, the President of Ukraine) continue to spout how the Genocide by Famine, the Holodomor of 1932/33 happened in Russia and Kazakhstan also. Newest records show that it was mostly the Ukrainian villages there that were targeted. I'm still waiting for the Russians to hold memorial services for all of their perished population during the famine..... 75th anniv. passed a while ago.... still waiting. I guess it didn't happen to their own people after all, eh? More that enough documentation now, with many documents published, and Yuriy Luhovy's film:

If even a few readers learn something from Harper's visit to Ukraine, it will be for the good.

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