Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We knew it all along -- Ukraine's History Being Reclaimed by Ukraine


For Ukrainians, at least those outside of Ukraine, this is old news. For Ukrainians in many parts of Ukraine who grew up under the heel of tsarist and Soviet russification, this is new news. Finally the powers that be are getting off their knees, and beginning to hold their heads high.

The Russians will be spitting mad. How dare these Ukrainians say this? The fact that it's true, and that the Russians and their scholars have been deforming history, well.... empires die hard. Now to get around to fixing all the Western academic books on the archaeology of "southern Russia," the relations of Byzantium and "Russia," early Rus' history, and so many other aspects of scholarly disinformation.

This is an enormous undertaking, because not only does the information have to get out into the academic and popular world, it first needs to reach Ukrainian historians and other scholars. So many of the older generation have been spouting the party line history for so long, they think it's true. The Ukrainian academies, esp. the Akademiia Nauk (Academy of Sciences) needs to get new blood, not thinking along Soviet pro-Russian anti-Ukrainian lines. Amazing that some Ukrainians who studied under that system still do not look objectively at the sources and at the Russian manipulation of history over the centuries, and feel inferior to the Russian imperial mindset. The documents and material are out there. We just need to reclaim them and put them out there for the world.


Pawlina said...

It's a gargantuan task, and can't be remedied overnight. But, perhaps for the first time in history it looks hopeful that Ukraine is finally coming into her own .... and that reclaiming her rightful history one step at a time won't involve more steps back than forward!

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Vasyl said...

Orysiu and Pawlina,

I have mentioned this somewhere before, but probably not, just discussed with journalist friends in Kyiv probably.

I agree with Pawlina, that the task is going to be an incredible undertaking. But it is due time that be done. There are plenty of sites in Russia right now that are constantly trying to discredit Ukraine in every way, both on a daily basis as well as constantly providing their version of history.

While, there are people in Ukraine that are trying to reclaim their history... unfortunately the political capture in the country has held Ukraine back on much needed reforms which would benefit the population as a whole, and right now politicians seem to be taking many more steps back than forward...

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